What I Learned in 2017

About Life

On this post, I want to talk about 2017 in a glimpse.

I traveled quite a lot this year, both for work and holiday. I’ve wrote about my #2017TravelRecap on 2 separate posts: 1st Half and 2nd Half

All those trip cost me quite numbers, honestly. Sure everything is covered in the end and I have no regret whatsoever, but I suddenly realize that it was a bad habit.

Just like what I read on Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad,

do not spend money that you don’t have.

I shall be more conscious in term of personal financial.

My latest trip makes me reflect more

About career… I’ve been in my current job for almost 3 years. It was actually fun but also really stressed me out.

Truth to be told, sometimes it feels too much. It feels like I keep being pushed to my limit, but at the end of the day I could go through it all.

It’s true when people said that the storm never last forever.

Well I guess I should focus more on positivity, instead of the negativity.

I shall be grateful for every little thing, like this daily view

A bit on personal note, I made a great decision. It was long overdue, I should’ve done it much earlier, but it was probably the right time. A proper ending that more like for my own sake.

Last couple months before 2018, I also back to my hobby: drawing.

I used to draw every single time when I was a kid. Sadly it’s been kinda forgotten, but now I’m at it again. I mostly draw fanarts but whatever makes me happy, right? šŸ˜›

Talents only play small part.. Practice is indeed the key.

And last but not least, about this blog.

This year I started writing more.Ā I totally agree with Alodita‘s post, which she said that blogging require consistency, since I saw myself how consistency affects my blog’s growth. It’s not that many, but compare to last year, definitely a drastic change.

What makes it feels rewarding, was when others found my posts usefull. It really motivates me to keep writing šŸ™‚

And as you all may realize, now I have my own hosting yay! From now on, here’s adistoriya.com !

What an improvement :O

However, 2017 filled with lots of stories. So many ups and downs in 2017, good things will be remembered, bad things shall be learned.

With this last post of the year, I’m ready to welcome 2018.

2018 please be good. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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