Instagram #2017bestnine – My Most Liked Photos in 2017

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Instagram has grown a lot these past few years, and looks like it ain’t slowing down. Now 2017 almost come to end, have you check your #2017BestNine?

What’s Instagram Best Nine?

It’s a feature from Instagram, conducted by third party. This feature is basically compiling 9 of your most-liked photos of the year.

To get your own colage, you only need to go to 2017bestnine site, then put your Instagram username. It will automatically compiling your most-liked posts throughout the year. It would looks like this:

Here’s my #2017BestNine!

Here’s a brief recap of my #2017BestNine, from Top-Left to Right-Bottom:

  • Cheese soft icecream from Ezo, it’s weirdly tasty lol, first time I tasted cheese in form of ice cream. I guess the reason it got so many Likes is because Shoko (simplytokyo on IG) commented on it. (I love her style!)
  • Posted this pic of Hogwarts castle on July 31st to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday. This photo was from my first ever visit to Universal Studios Japan in 2015. I still remember the chill I felt the first time we stepped inside Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m glad I went back this year!
  • This is actually a random photo when I waited for my friends, another late post also from my Japan trip in 2015. I sat in front of Starbucks at Tokyo Dome City. Summer in Japan is a bit too much so it feels nice to just sit under the shade of trees, while observing the locals.
  • We were on the way to out hotel in Singapore, when we saw a street with the same name as mine šŸ˜€ Of course I have to take pics! This Adis Street located between Mt. Emily and Upper Wilkie road.
  • I don’t really take selfie (morever post it on Instagram, because i feel awkward), but taking selfie with Merlion is mandatory. This one was from my Singapore trip in 2016, the first time I had a solo trip overseas. It was hella hot that day and I was fasting (it was during Ramadhan).. crazy, I know xD
  • That stack of coconuts at a booth in MBK, Bangkok, during our trip to watch concert. I’m still wondering why it got lots of Likes ._.
  • In front of Sanji’s Restaurant in USJ, during One Piece Premier Summer event. This was also from my first trip to Japan in 2015.
  • My second visit to USJ, it was on September 2017. I’ve always loved Sesame Street since I was a kid, so took pics with the street sign is a must!
  • The last pic was also from my latest trip to Japan. It was from that day in Nara where I made dumb mistake and it’s kinda funny. The deer was taking nap, I swear I didnt disturb her much ._.

For me Instagram is a great reminder of what I’ve been through this year, especially where I’ve traveled. I didn’t write daily journal as I used to be, so Instagram made up for it. I still need to figure it out how to make a neat feed tho…

So, have you find out your #2017BestNine? Link me your Instagram on comments below šŸ˜€

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