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Thinking back to these past months, it feels like just yesterday, but also feels like long time ago.

So many things happened in life, I hardly remember every single moments (this is why i should go back to my old habit of writing a daily journal, but that’s another story)

And now back to #2017TravelRecap.. One previous post I’ve wrote about my travel recap of first half of the year.

For the second half, I went to cities that I haven’t been before, and also back to familar places. Here’s the recap:

August: Bandung

It’s my birthday month.. Guess what I did on my birthday? Another business trip to Bandung, and a whole busy day… Well at least the gelato was nice.

I’m so gonna take a leave and go somewhere on my birthday next year ._.

Gelato is always a good idea ๐Ÿ‘ŒYogurt Berry from @mixolatogelato

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September: Hongkong, Osaka, & Kyoto

And now the highlight of the year~~~ I visited Japan again! ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve always wanted to go back since the first time I went there 2 years ago. But compared to my first trip, this trip was totally sudden.

It was June when I decided that I want to go, then booked the ticket 3 days later. Impulsive or crazy, you name it. It was supposed to be a solo trip but then my usual travelmate wanted to tag along, so there you go, a bunch of impulsive girls. LOL

This time we took flight with Cathay Pacific. They offered pretty good price to Osaka PLUS already include meal and baggage. The last time we booked a cheap flight, it ended up became pricey because of all those adds-on.

It’s not a direct flight tho. We have to transit in Hongkong for couple hours. We have no time to do sightseeing in the city. But Hongkong airport is exciting enough, since it’s also my first time here.

Hello Hongkong!

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Then off we go to Osaka~

It was fascinating how Osaka feels so familiar eventho 2 years has passed. Not much changes, but we still notice the differences. Maybe because we saw everything with different eyes – we aren’t first timer this time :p –

Our Japan trip went like this: Osaka – Nara – Kyoto

Some people has been asking me why Osaka and not Tokyo. Everyone knows how much i love One Piece, and that’s exactly the reason. My main reason for this trip was to go to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka and watch One Piece Summer Premier.

Through all the hustle (signing up for membership and booked the ticket through a-whole-Japanese site), I finally watched One Piece Premier Show that only held on summer.


Japanese always do the live action seriously and it was awesome. The show was fully in Japanese, I only understand a bit but I could still enjoyed it. I wanna watch it again ๐Ÿ™

(No photos of the show as it was strictly prohibited)

I love USJ and their One Piece event every summer ;__;

But of course, if it’s in USJ (and as a Potterhead myself), we spent half a day in Wizarding World of Harry Potter area. It was raining so hard and windy af..

Luckily when we were there, the Patronus show was still going on! For some period of time after sunset, the Hogwarts castle will be projected with 3D maping, added with fogs and sounds effect. It looks really like the castle was surrounded with dementors. Amazing!

Good to be back ๐Ÿ”ฎ #Hogwarts

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We spent another day in Osaka visiting other places we haven’t been before.

The last time we were in Osaka, we missed Umeda Sky Building, because we were distracted that day, it was the same day when Tohoshinki newest album released HAHAHA.

So we planned to go up and see the cityscape. It was a nice place, we ended up spent too long in there~

As for me, I specially planned to go to AbenoQ for Mugiwara Store ๐Ÿ˜€


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Then we went to Shinsaibashi to do some shopping. The area were still buzzing even until late night. This time we took proper photos in front of the famous Glicoman sign.

Hello again Glicoman!

The next morning we were heading to Nara. It was an hour trip with train from Osaka. Nara gave the same vibe with Kyoto. The ancient city that full of tourist, but plus lots of cute deers~

We didn’t go to many places here, mainly because of my dumb mistake .___. Read more here.

Ojisan & his deer friends~

And here in Kyoto again ๐Ÿ™‚ Kyoto has always been my favorite city. It’s a really nice city, but I think it’s more like personal feeling.

Kyoto at last ๐Ÿƒ

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Mainly we visited the same place like 2 years ago, but still, it feels different and no less exciting like when we first went there.

We’ve been to Arashiyama but the sun was set already, so this time we went in the morning. No wonder Arashiyama area is so popular, it feels nice to be there. Read more here.

Honestly 5 days is not enough for me… but well, I will just go back again someday :p

Katsura river
Arashiyama bamboo groove

November: Makassar, Bali, & Medan

I don’t have any more office leave left so don’t expect any year-end holiday .__. But there were still some works on-going in other cities so I could still go somewhere.

On the first week of November, I visited Makassar. It was my first time visited the port city, and also my first time in Sulawesi.

Spent a night there, then a quick visit to Losari beach. It wasn’t like what I have in mind…… or maybe because there is currently construction on-going around the area? i’m not sure..

Anyway, it’s still nice to see the sea.

Couple weeks later, I went to Bali again, and for work AGAIN. Hahaha.

I have some business to do around Kuta beach so it was good thing. I could take a walk to the beach if I have time.

Bali was gloomy that day. It was raining when I landed. The sun was out couple hours later after the rain stopped.

I took a break and walk to the beach. Maybe because it wasn’t holiday season, there weren’t many people at Kuta beach that day. There are still so many tourists around.. mainly doing surfing or sunbathing.

Keep going. . . #beach #kuta #bali #indonesia

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I visited Bali on Friday, then on Monday I flew to Medan. Haha. This was the first time I went to Medan and also the last business trip in 2017.

I’ve heard good thing about Kuala Namu airport, but I still somewhat suprised that the airport train and the facilities were that good :O Glad we will also finally have train to Soekarno-Hatta airport (Soon, hope so)!

Usually when I’m on business trip, I don’t take many pics unrelated to work. Even if I did, it’s not presentable lol. Only for my personal reminder.. So, no pretty pic.. (i didn’t even go anywhere, i have to back home on the same day)

Nice and clean airport train station!

So that’s my #2017TravelRecap. This is the first time I made this recap. I don’t usually count my business trip before, but i think it should still be counted.

I was a bit suprised with how many times I’ve traveled in 2017. And for 2018, I don’t have any plan yet. But we’ll see! Haha

Now how about your #2017TravelRecap? Make your own and tell me how much you traveled this year! ๐Ÿ˜€


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