#2017TravelRecap – 1st Half

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When I planned that 2017 going to be year of travel, it end up became true.

I started traveling more since 2015. Since then, I promise myself that I’ll go somewhere in Indonesia and overseas, at least once a year for each.

Good thing is, being in my current job requires me to travel outside the city from time to time. It was usually a very short visit (let’s say, back and forth on the same day), but well, at least I could go somewhere..

So, here’s my travel recap of first half of 2017:

January Bali & Semarang

Started 2017 with Bali~ I visited the island twice in a span of a month.

Truth to be told, I always visit Bali because of work. I’ve never come here for holiday… but hey, I might be busy but there’s still time to feel the breeze of the sea.

At least I still had some time for a short walk at Kuta beach and had scoop(s) of gelato at Gusto Gelato in Kerobokan. Also, it’s still nice to be able to see the sunset while waiting at boarding room.

And here was the first holiday in 2017. We’ve planned our 4D3N trip to Semarang months ago. We have friends there and always wanted to go to their hometown. So we finally did last January.

Semarang is an old city with lots of historical building. We went around the city’s landmarks, such as Lawang Sewu, Blenduk church, Sam Poo Kong temple. Oh and i love the foods!

There was a ‘little’ accident while we were there that gave us quite a shock. It’s a long story but we left unscattered, so we’re good..

Blenduk church – didn’t go inside since it’s already closed when we went there

March: Bangkok

Back to Bangkok to watch concert!

We went there to watch Rebirth of J in Bangkok, Kim Jaejoong’s solo concert. This trip was planned for years, ever since he enlisted in army. The concert was mindblowing, and it was great to meet fellow fans from around the world~

Overall we stayed in Bangkok for 3 days. We spent another 2 days for sightseeing, since the first and last time I went here for TVXQ Live Tour: T1ST0RY in Bangkok, we barely have time to go anywhere.

We visited Grand Palace, riding the boat in Chao Phraya river, shopping at Chatuchak weekend market, aaaaand Mugiwara Store at Ekkamai! πŸ˜€

Grand Palace – we didnt stayed too long, too hot and so crowded…

April: Bandung, Solo, Singapore, Malaysia

I barely remember what I did in Solo (since it’s a business trip), all I can remember is that I took this pic on the way to airport..

Lumayan hiburan liat sawah… Daripada stress 🌾🌾🌾

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It was busy months… visited Bandung couple of times for work. Bandung is like my third home but it’s still count as traveling~

Now it’s holiday trip again. I visited Singapore and Malaysia with my family.

It was the first holiday with only the 4 of us: me, mom, and my 2 sisters. Also it was the first time we go overseas together. We called it Ibu’s birthday trip~

At first I wasn’t actually planned to go to Malaysia, but since we’ll have a total 5 days, might as well not staying in Singapore only.

So the trip went like Singapore – Malacca – Kuala Lumpur. We spent 2 nights in Singapore and 2 nights in Malacca, then a day trip in Kuala Lumpur.

It’s always nice to visit Singapore, eventho i visited the same places again lol. We went to Marina Bay, Garden by the Bay, Orchard road, Bugis walk, etc.

Then heading to Malacca. It’s a nice old town with lots of good foods. We spent a day strolling around the city, mostly around the main attractions like Dutch Square, St. Paul Church, and Jonker Walk.

We took our flight back from Kuala Lumpur. There’s still time for a quick sightseeing in the city, so we visited Petronas Tower. Took a mandatory pic in front of KL’s most famous building lol.


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First time to Petronas lol
the giant trees at Garden by the Bay
When you came across a road with your name, you gotta take a photo there! XD

May: Semarang

Semarang for the third time this year. We went to a friend’s wedding this time.

We didn’t go sightseeing this time. It was more like a staycation at a nice hotel and of course we didn’t missed the local foods~ A nice short getaway.

June: Bandung

I don’t really remember what I did in Bandung (i mean yes it was for work, but not sure what i did back then haha). I came back with train, and there is great scenery along the trip.

It makes me realize, that you don’t have to go somewhere too far, or spend too much, to be able to see great things.


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