Kim Jaejoong Asia Tour in Bangkok – Rebirth of J [170318]

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Another late review of concert I attended months ago. Haha.

On March 18th 2017 we finally attended Kim Jaejoong’s concert in Bangkok. Thailand was one of the stops for Rebirth of J Asia Tour. This concert is a long-awaited concert for all his fans.

(Kim Jaejoong is one of JYJ member, he used to be TVXQ member.)

NOTE: Photos credit goes to Dini and Uchan, and some news sites. We actually weren’t allowed to take pics or vids, the security were so strict. I didn’t want to risk being dragged out…

Concert Announcement

Honestly we have been prepared for Jaejoong’s concert ever since he discharged from army. Waiting for his concert in Indonesia is not an option, so we just planned to go to nearest stop, preferably Bangkok.

Besides, I would like to visit Bangkok again and explore the city. The last time I went to Bangkok was for TVXQ concert and we barely do any sightseeing.

Around end of January the promoter finally announced it and we were freaking out lol.

Booking Flight & Accomodation

We booked one-way ticket from Jakarta to Bangkok at first. We were afraid that the flight ticket price would hit the roof if we waited any longer. But we also have a slight doubt that we’re not gonna get the concert ticket.

So after the tickets in our hands, we booked the return tickets. We were lucky enough to be able to get promo tickets eventho it was less than a month before the date.

For the accomodation, we booked Pathumwan House for 2 nights; it’s so cheap for a suite room. The location is also convenient, just walking distance from various shopping centers.

Ticket War

Jaejoong’s popularity is no joke, this is literally a war.

What makes it even more difficult to get the ticket was because fans from all over the world – mostly from South East Asia – were coming all the way to Bangkok for the concert.

We were standby since morning – they started selling it at 11am – AND IT’S SOLDOUT IN A BLINK OF EYES. But thankfully, Dini secured 3 tickets for us. YASSSS. In the end, we bought 3 tickets of Red Zone (5800 THB).

Concert Day

We took the morning flight on Saturday 18th. After a bit delay, we landed in Bangkok at 11am. Since it was Saturday, the traffic was bad enough (no difference with Jakarta). We arrived at Pathumwan House at around 1pm then went out right away.

We actually want to attend the press conference at Central World. Too bad it ended before we reached the place, so we just went to MBK for lunch.

At 3pm we were heading to the venue, Huamark Indoor Stadium. No train to the venue so we took taxi, beside, it’s much faster. Around half an hour ride, we arrived at the venue. Fans already gathered outside the venue.

We went to the ticket booth to get our physical tickets. We only need to show the email confirmation and showing our passport. We didn’t queuing for goodies since they didn’t have the goodies that we’re looking for. Why again Bangkok stop have less goodies collection than Korea and Japan one?


Now it’s time to looking for our friends. We’ve known some of them since quite long time ago on Twitter, it’s really nice to finally meet up in real life. We end up having mini gathering lol.

It’s so nice meeting everyone! :3

After chatting, collecting freebies, exchange gifts, and took photos, finally time to enter the venue.

Our seats were on left side but it was close enough to the stage, at least the screen was in front of us. Oh Jaejoong’s family also attending the concert, they sat on the same row with us.

Fans started to fill the venue, and the concert started.

the red ocean yassss (pic not mine)

Jaejoong came out at the second level of the stage, looking so stunning.

The first time I saw Jaejoong was in 2012 and he was sick back then, so this is the first time I heard his voice.

Looking as stunning as ever

Started with One Kiss, HIS VOICE IS SO FREAKIN GOOD  I AM NOT KIDDING. He is basically my most favorite vocalist and he didn’t disappoint me.

He talked a lot. Like A LOT. Lol It’s not like we didn’t expected that. The dresscode part was fun too; he chose fans who dressed up. We photo bombed one of the chosen fan HAHAHA.

Look who’s behind Brown? XD (pic not mine)

I wish I understand what he said. The translator translated to Thailand language, obviously. Some people around us were kind enough to translate to English for us. :3

From start to end, he sang live and he still sounds really good. His solo songs are mostly rock, he slayed all those high notes, flawlessly.

My most favorite performance of the night: Rotten Love, I’ll Protect You, Just Another Girl, Mine, Runaway, Good Morning Night, Butterfly, Luvholic, etc. I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t sing Love You More L but well, he changed it with Butterfly and I love that song too, so it’s fine.

(pic not mine)

Good Morning Night is definitely the climax of the show. Like on any other stops, he would repeat the chorus. So it’s the same in Bangkok. We keep shouting for him to do it again lol. All of us were dead tired, but he still sounds so so good. How is that possible?

The concert ended with I’ll Protect You. We were given hand banner and we held it during this song. The whole crowd also sang together with him (the lyrics were shown on the screen), it was so memorable.

Jaejoong gave a full bow for final greeting. He looks emotional; we knew he needed this assurance. After 2 years hiatus, he is now fully back. And we are so glad to welcome him back.

Kim Jaejoong’s concert is worth all effort and money. He showed us a high quality performance and he also interacted well with fans. I’m looking forward for more great songs and concerts of him in the future.

Quoting Star2 article:

“It was a high-octave performance on an emotionally-charged night, and Jaejoong proved once again why he is considered one of the best singers in South Korea.”


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