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I can’t deny that one of some reason that I want to go to Japan so bad is because of Tohoshinki. And honestly, me and my travelmates knew each other because of this certain group 🙂

What is Tohoshinki? Tohoshinki or TVXQ or DBSK is a vocal group from South Korea. They’ve been active since 2003, and i started liking them since 2010. I know some people might judge me for liking a boyband. Judge me all you want, but they means a lot to me 🙂

Even though they are from S. Korea, but they are considered big name in Japan. Well actually it’s an understatement. Tohoshinki is HUGE in Japan. For example, they filled Nissan Stadium that has capacity of 300,000 seats for their concert.

It was fascinating to be able to go to all those Toho-related places during our first Japan trip. So here’s summary of our journey to ‘find’ Tohoshinki in Japan:

Tokyo Dome – Nostalgia and Survey

Those who likes Japan music industry or Japan baseball league, must be familiar with Tokyo Dome. Tokyo Dome or ToDome is actually a baseball field, but sometimes also used for a concert venue. It can hold up to 55,000 seats.

Usually it’s only big name that could use this place for concert. Yes included Tohoshinki. They constantly held concert in ToDome since 2009.

ToDome is located inside Tokyo Dome City. Beside the dome, there are also amusement park, mall, hotel, and many more. Not much that we can do in Tokyo Dome itself. We only took pictures from the outside and walk around the dome.

But to be here to this memorable place, we were just too excited.

Well, consider this as survey. Who knows someday in the near future we would back here to attend their concert. :p


Welcoming us in Shibuya!

Shibuya crossing at last! So crowded *_*

Like we all always seen in pictures, Shibuya crossing is not only crowded with people, but also banners and advertisements at buildings around here. Lots of big screen showing advertisements.

You know what we weren’t expect?

There was Tohoshinki advertisement on one of the big screens! It showed ad of Tohoshinki’s latest concert DVD, it was WITH concert. It will be released yesterday. We were happy to saw it even though the ad was really short, only 5-6 seconds I guess.

shibuya with ad

Tower Records Shibuya – Album hunting

We all knows how expensive to buy Japanese album from overseas. The price could double when adding the shipping cost. Especially to Indonesia, as the tax for imported goods are quite high.

As we were already in Japan, we were also planning to buy Tohoshinki’s original CD and DVD.
For this, Tower Records in Shibuya is our target.

And you can guess, Tohoshinki’s CD and DVD filled the entire racks! From debut until the most recent, we can find almost all versions here. Yep included the Korean version.

Have to remind myself that I don’t have unlimited money for this…..

Tohoshinki’s spot was so easy to find, just go up to 4th floor, then go to the first row near cashier. At the end of the row, there’s promotion display for most recent release. That time it was Rise as God album released.

When I was walked around to see other albums, I spotted Tohoshinki’s real signatures near cashier!!! *__*

toho signature shibuya

tower records

tower records 2

WITH DVD Hunting in Umeda

It was our first day in Osaka when Tohoshinki’s WITH DVD released. So when we arrived in Osaka, we were heading to Umeda right away to hunt the DVD.

When we were arrived in Umeda, our first destination is actually Umeda Sky Building. But guess what? We were all distracted by HMV. LMAO

At that point we forgot our original plan and heading to HMV right away.

And look what welcoming us:

hmv umeda 2

Super huge isnt it? I wasnt kidding when I said Tohoshinki is big in Japan.
It was the same like at Tower Records, there were also one rack that decorated as promotion display at HMV.

We were planning to buy 3 DVDs but unfortunately they only have 2 left. So from HMV we went to Tower Records that luckily can be found at Umeda area. It was quite far, but we got the DVD at last!

hmv umeda

tohoshinki signature umeda

tower records umeda

with dvd
Got you!

All those stuffs that we did in Japan somehow makes me feel closer to them. They’re on leave now, but one day I wish I could go back to Japan to attend their concert, especially in Tokyo Dome.

It might sound mad, but when it makes us happy, why bother? 😉

tokyo dome

See you again, Tohoshinki and Tokyo Dome! 😉

Note: Before wrote this post I asked my overseas friends, whether I should write in Bahasa or English. They said they want to read it. I hope you all enjoy it 🙂

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